Concrete and Steel Buildings​

Our team is well-equipped to assist you with your most complex concrete and steel construction projects.

We provide concrete foundation services specialized in Concrete design &construction, eliminating the need to reach out to an additional contractor.

The concrete foundation is fundamental to ensure a reliable life for construction. Metal and steel buildings withstand high horizontal load weights.

Our team is well-equipped to assist you with your most complex concrete construction projects through to completion by utilizing the highest quality materials, latest technology, application techniques,  

Upon meeting with us to discuss the perfect structure for your needs, we will cover: 

  • Purpose: Based on the utility, we recommend the need for insulation and we work with you to design the requirements.
  • Budget: We understand your desired budget plays a role in meeting the objectives. We take the time to foresee precise estimates and help adjust the project specifications to meet your needs and expectations.

We have a proven track record of seamless communication with our clients throughout the building process. 

We cover the supply of the full line of building materials including wall and roof panel systems, steel decks and joists, framing systems, skylights and daylighting, panel colors, mezzanines, insulated metal panels – fully customized to meet your project needs. 

Airports Machinery

With the expansion and growth in the market, Heavy Metals is seizing the opportunity to increase its partnership portfolio and presence to ensure its continued and valuable services to the airports and authorities. We continue to set the sights high as the region’s premier supplier of airport ground services equipment.

Our industry-savvy, experienced consultants help you understand the market before starting your operations. Heavy Metals works closely with its global partners to facilitate & enhance the ground operations of the region’s busiest airports & airlines.

Through a team of experienced professionals, technicians, and mechanics we assist all our customers in the following GSE purchasing categories:

  • Towbar – We supply the highest quality and most durable towbar heads on the market. Our team can ensure no rust or corrosion could jeopardize the product, personnel, or the aircraft, ensuring a long service life.
  • Luggage Handling, Loading & Off Loading – We have models available for light, single-engine aircraft thru the biggest commercial aircraft. No matter what kind of aircraft luggage handling, loading & off-loading you need, we have you covered.
  • Mobile Mounted Staircase – we have years of experience in sales, leasing, rent, and fleet management of passenger stairs made by world-class original equipment manufacturers.
  • Conveyor Belts – We have a wide range in the industry, with huge belt widths, conventional fabric reinforced belts, steel cord belts, kevlar belts, pipe belts, sidewall belts, heat resistant belts, and many more products.
  • Passengers & Goods-Lifts – We provide airports with fast and ergonomic baggage handling solutions that help reduce work-related injuries and wear-and-tear complications that are common when lifting manually. We also provide safe passenger lifts.
  • Security Machines – Our vision is to offer maximum flexibility, putting our customers in control. With our innovative and modern approach, we supply security machines, which have been successfully deployed in airports worldwide.

Oil Field Equipment

We provide specialized services for Offshore/Onshore Oil and Gas, Marine, Shipbuilding and repair, Petrochemical, Power generation, and general industries in the region. We provide procurement outsourcing that covers the entire spectrum of MRO Spares, Plant Materials, Equipment, and Project Supplies for the Oilfield & Industrial Sectors.

If you are looking for oilfield equipment, you have come to the right place. Our personnel have extensive experience in this field so you can count on getting the precise equipment and machinery. Our supply network reaches hundreds of manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world.

We continue to consolidate our regional efforts, to build a comprehensive product coverage and extensive logistics and storage capability to meet the demands of Oil & Petroleum Products.

  • Line Pipes – Our pipes have been used successfully for years in the transportation of gases, flammable liquids, and solids. Given the high-pressure levels frequently involved, we supply optimum pipe material and it remains unparalleled in terms of safety and reliability.
  • Storage Tanks – Whether you’re a petroleum equipment distributor, major oil and gas exploration Company, heavy equipment and construction operation, or any company that requires environmentally safe liquid storage, we can provide you with the oilfield tank to suit your business.
  • Oil Well Drilling Machines – Our drilling tools are powerful solutions requiring lesser power compared to conventional methods for significantly lower costs, less complexity, and a reduced carbon footprint.
  • Fishing Equipment – Your drilling projects will meet the deadlines and timelines with our fishing tools. Downtime is costly, so using reliable fishing equipment is not negotiable for us and you.
  • Chemical Products for Oil Extraction – Procure top quality oil extraction chemicals such as soda ash, bentonite at cost-effective rates. No process is too big or too small – discuss your ideas with us, and we’ll help you find a solution.

Seaports Supplies

We provide supply services to crew and shipowners and offer other related services including port and customs documentation, cargo handling, stevedoring, warehousing, and chartering are also taken care of by our professional teams.

In connection with the port, Heavy Metals provides supply services and full service to the crew, shipowners, and management.

Other related services including port and customs documentation, cargo handling, stevedoring, warehousing, and chartering are also taken care of by our professional teams.

Chartering the right type of vessel is important for achieving a successful project. Whether our clients need short or long-term chartering, we will be able to provide via our worldwide contact to shipping lines and shipowners. Furthermore, our stevedores and engineers are specialized in handling all kinds of bulk products, project cargo, heavy lift, and general cargo while focusing on quality and safety.

Logistics management for dry docking and yard stays for cruise vessels, ferries and oil rigs are also an important element in our selection of port-related services.

  • Cranes – We supply all-around solutions with our cranes for handling every type of cargo, from containers to bulk, general cargo, and heavy lifts. We also have cranes designed for ports and terminals with an electrical infrastructure.
  • Storage Decks – Improve turnover time and save space with the highest quality of storage decks from our suppliers.
  • Cold Storage – Our temperature-controlled storage and distribution services are supported by state-of-the-art technology appropriate for the shipping industry.
  • Crude Oil Storage Tanks – We have tanks deployed across the world and meet stringent quality control standards, enquire and custom order your tanks from us.

Reach out to us today to find out more about how we can help you with our innovative, versatile, practical metal and construction products and services.