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We build for life.
Raising expectations from 2020.

Heavy Metals are specialists when it comes to concrete and steel building construction, airport machinery, oilfield equipment, and seaport supplies. We have an extensive range of distributors worldwide, who supply us with high quality, industrial-grade products.

We pride ourselves on the commitment we make to offering state-of-the-art building practices and technologies, providing quality work at cost-efficient budgets. We procure technologically advanced products for airports, seaports, and even oilfields. Our products are meant to protect our customers’ investments and enhance their infrastructure. With many years of experience and hundreds of customers worldwide, we are one of the premier authorized suppliers of oilfield equipment, airport machinery, and seaport supplies.

The diversity of our catalog and our expertise makes us the preferred GSE and MRO supplier to major organizations across countries. Our dedication to customer service and industry experience is unmatched. We understand aircraft handling and maintenance, oilfields, seaports and are ready to assist and advise on the proper equipment needed for your specific application.

We are your partner-of-choice in construction and infrastructure projects. Get in touch with our experts today to customize your servicing equipment from our comprehensive line of GSE, Oilfield, Seaport, and construction infrastructure, parts, and building supplies. 

We strive to provide our clientele with an unmatched level of service while seeking innovative construction methods to take projects to the next level, from the ground up.
To emerge as an industry leader serving the MENA region, through our industry expertise and unwavering commitment to quality.


Life can be full of surprises, but not at HMC. We are committed to giving you the smoothest customer experience so you can attend to yourself.
We do this by upholding the following values:

Quality workmanship

Our turnkey solutions take everything into consideration, down to the finest detail to ensure that your construction is trouble-free for years to come.


We update our clients on every milestone in order to always keep you in the loop about the process.


You can count on us to do everything in our power to get your project turned around on time. We have mastered the art of project management and resolving issues instantaneously.