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Heavy Metals Construction (HMC) is a full-service concrete and metal building supplier based in the MENA region. We pride ourselves on the commitment by offering state-of-the-art building practices, modern technologies and providing quality work at cost-efficient budgets. 

  • Innovation and Quality Concrete & Metal Buildings
  • Customized Solutions, High-Quality Products

Metal Buildings

We Build it Strong, We Build it Fast

HMC provides pre-engineering and commercial metal buildings of the highest caliber.

Upon agreement, we lay the concrete, then place the steel beams in the cement. We specialize in concrete and metal buildings construction so you can attain all services in one.


From conception to completion

Heavy Metals are specialists when it comes to concrete and steel building construction, airport machinery, oilfield equipment, and seaport supplies. We have an extensive range of distributors worldwide, who supply us with high quality, industrial-grade products.


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One-stop Infrastructure Products & Solutions

Heavy Metals procures technologically advanced products for airports, seaports, and even oilfields. Our products are meant to protect our customers’ investments and enhance their infrastructure. Get in touch with our experts today to customize your servicing equipment from our comprehensive line of GSE, Oilfield, Seaport, and construction infrastructure, parts, and building supplies.

Why Choose Us?

Quality work at
cost-efficient budgets

If you are looking for a reliable partner for a fit-for-purpose solution or customized building services, we have got you covered! With us you can rest assured that your facility will be constructed safely, with an efficient schedule and within a value-analyzed budget.